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Team Thornton

What makes us so successful

Neil Thornton, President, The Thornton Group of Companies

Since starting The Thornton Group, Neil has made a commitment to share the ideas, insights and trends that he has learned in over two decades of consulting, business development, entrepreneurship and consulting business leaders.  He has been asked to work with business teams, associations, executives, public entities, academic institutions, and technology-innovation groups.

Neil has an uncanny ability to read people and see through what seem like insurmountable situations making him one of the most highly sought after consultants in the Golden Horseshoe.

Neil has a unique talent for understanding the psychology behind employee behavior, engagement and corporate culture and vision.  His direct approach hits straight to the heart in an honest and direct point.

Andrea Thornton, CAO and Vice-President, The Thornton Group of Companies

Since co-founding The Thornton Group, Andrea has been at the heartbeat of the organizational brand, impact and structure of the firm.  She plays a key strategic role in keeping the business, marketing and financial direction on track and pushing into new opportunities.

Andrea has a talent in keeping all aspects of The Thornton Group in order and poised for exponential growth.  Of all the client offerings and services, she ensures the core values and vision of the company stay intact.

With a natural creative and design talent, as well as organizational management directive and balance, she offers clients an opportunity to keep focused and balanced on the right task with little to no distractions.  As time, organization, and balance remain the primary resource of entrepreneurs to control, Andrea offers direct influence and impact that produces improved efficiency and effectiveness.

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We help you work on vision, strategy, values and direction.

We have extensive experience and tales from the trenches in the consulting, coaching and development arena. Over the years we have seen the vital importance of working side by side with clients and developing relevant, inclusive and impactful projects from the ground up.

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