The Classic Client-Focus Meeting – Tool for Success

The Thornton Group - Team Work Sessions.

Focus on Your Customers for the Truth In today’s business market, I see many organizations working hard to grow their market share, sales and team.  I am sure you will agree that the very strategies that got us to this point may not take us to where we want to go. For all of us, […]

Business By Design (Not Circumstance)

The Thornton Group - Leader and Business Coaching Support.

Business By Design (Not Circumstance) “It is not the strongest nor the fastest of a species that survives; but the ones most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin The structure of business is changing.  Global competition, demanding customers, and shrinking margins are all impacting how we are able to make money. Your only competitive advantage is […]

The 8 Potential Focus Areas to Grow Your Business

The Thornton Group - Leader and Business Coaching Support.

Over the years of working in the trenches with our clients, we have identified eight key stumbling blocks to growing a prosperous organization. Through identifying these patterns and opportunities within your team, you can take new steps towards growth, change and innovation. Most business plans lack real strategy. Just by setting higher goals than last year […]

Are You Getting Better?

The Thornton Group - Leader and Business Coaching Support.

“Your business will get better when your people get better.  Your people will get better right after their manager gets better.”   Many of you may recognize this quote from my talks and videos.  It has certainly elicited some honest feedback from our clients and has shaken a few people into action.  As a business coach, […]

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