Employee Success By Design, Not Circumstance – The 90 Day Development Plan –

Employee Success By Design, Not Circumstance – The 90 Day Development Plan

 Finding, keeping and engaging good people is an issue we hear more than ever in business.  During recent economic shifts companies were able to downsize and eliminate wastage (also known as low producing, whining, poor attitude people) and now find themselves gearing up for new business, new markets and new customers.  They are looking to bring on new people as additions to their team who will produce results and contribute at higher levels.

We witness a lot of companies applying a great deal of effort in the posting, screening and hiring good people.  Some of them even use a recruiting firm or head-hunter firms to help them.  There are many agencies and people out there to help.

Here is how we see the hiring process.

You properly advertise and screen the best candidates through an unbiased ranking system and dialogue.  Top candidates are offered an initial phone or virtual interview followed with a facilitated behavioural interview process.  (Most owners and managers are terrible at screening and interviewing, so bringing in a professional is a good idea.)   Top candidates are then put through a robust on-line profiling process to measure predetermined job matching, thinking and cognitive measurement, behavioural matching and preferred interests.  We recommend Profiles International.

Once you hire the best candidates from this extensive process; if they leave the organization, your investment is lost and quite costly to replace them.   You have a window of time to ensure success as most new hiring potential and acumen is determined within the first ninety days of interaction.  We find most hiring failures have arisen from poor planning, bad culture, and lack of needed mentoring and coaching attention.

In our commitment to help good companies find and retain great people, we have established a 90 Day Development Plan.  This tool can be used with not only new hires but established people as well.

Below is a break down of 10 key performance indicators that can be planned out and agreed upon with you and the candidate.   We hope you can use this tool in your organization to determine your growth and success by design, not circumstance.

Here are a series of planning considerations to help you ensure success:

Primary Function

  • Clear role, understood and discussed
  • Clear expectations set up week 1
  • Sign off agreement
  • Able to clearly communicate to others

 Customer Service

  • Plan to connect with existing customers
  • Innovate ways to improve service
  • Execute Client Focus Meeting and arrange facilitation

 Operational Effectiveness

  • Personal interviews (one per week)
  • Design efficiency improvements
  • (3 per week)
  • Develop systems that work

 Business Development

  • Plan to develop existing customers
  • Plan to develop new customers
  • Design and utilize ‘value propositions’
  • Develop a unique ‘touch campaign’
  • Build social media and web brand

 Support Vision

  • Develop personal vision and mission statement
  • Present to large group and colleagues
  • Provide supporting feedback to company goals

Financial Planning and Budgets

  • Understand budgets, cash flow & shifting margins
  • Develop personal budget and forecasts
  • Able to understand P&L and reports used
  • Present 3 cost saving initiatives

 Team Contribution

  • Develop & execute a team building idea
  • Shared values and commitments
  • Share strengths and requests of others
  • Implement a 360 survey

 Innovation and Creation

  • Run a team innovation meeting, lead the group
  • Interrogate the offering to the market and customers
  • Challenge traditional media’s
  • Develop a “Blue Ocean’ strategy

 Community Contribution

  • Volunteer goals established
  • Charity recognition and plan
  • Run or support one campaign a year
  • Run local media campaign

 Personal Development

  • Identify areas of skills & technical needs
  • Design a development plan
  • Source resources and schedules
  • Produce certification as agreed

 Plan of Execution:

  1. Coaching and Mentor Contract signed.
  2. Weekly follow-up meeting schedule developed
  3. Shared commitments and accountability
  4. Team introductions and interactions planned
  5. Sales plan and touch campaign completed
  6. Business plan and vision-goals completed
  7. Personal development plan completed

For clarity and explanation on any of the mentioned strategies, please feel free to contact us.

How are you and your organization being held accountable to achieve positive results over time for sustainable growth?

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