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Since starting The Thornton Group, Neil has made a commitment to share the ideas, insights and trends that he has learned in over two decades of consulting, business development, entrepreneurship and consulting business leaders.

Neil has a unique talent for understanding the psychology behind employee behaviour, engagement and corporate culture and vision.  He has a unique and direct approach that hits straight to the heart in and honest and direct point.

Neil has an uncanny ability to read people and see through what seem like insurmountable situations making him one of the most highly sought after speakers in the Golden Horseshoe.

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Speaking topics include:

  • Business engagement and results
  • The essentials of understanding body language
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • The new reality of sales skills
  • Developing vision and goal setting
  • Presentation and influence skills
  • Web presence, social media and new technologies
  • Executive coaching and tools
  • Presence, Impact and Influence – Leading a Room
  • Succession planning and team development
  • Hiring for success and planning
  • Leadership development
  • Dealing with new millennial generations
  • Handling stress and worry
  • Branding, networking and influence
  • Communications and human relations


No canned programs allowed here.  You have a unique company and team with unique needs.

Our process in designing programs around your objectives includes:

  1. Listening first to what is required of everyone to take performance to a new level.
  2. Only those who agree to the importance and need of the training are invited. (no victims or volun-tolds allowed in the room)
  3. All development is on behalf of clear, measureable objectives, part of learning plans that tie to the organization’s goals

They will rarely remember what you said; but always remember the impact you had and how you made them feel!

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