New book "Presence, Impact and Influence"

Why a new book and why now? 

Why a new book and why Now?

There is a new speed of business in today’s workplace. Leading change and innovation, strengthening culture and developing engaged teams remains a primary focus and concern for most, if not all organizations. Businesses everywhere are competing to attract future talent with multiple generations working together. Diversity and inclusion are important considerations impacting exponential changes in global and domestic markets. Owners, executives, managers, and frontline staff are looking for balance and establishing boundaries between work and family. 

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These reasons among others are what pushed me to write this book. If you are being asked to drive strategic plans, lead change and vision, build culture, recruit fresh leadership, grow business development, market differently through fresh branding, and mentor world class teams and customer service this book is for you.

Your personal journey is the intent of the pages that follow. There are hundreds of proven business books and resources available today to access and apply their formulas and advice. There are also unlimited personal development books found in the self-help shelves. This book is intended to bridge the personal and professional realms offering proven ideas, tools, and resources from over two decades of working with teams of all sizes and industries and coaching senior executives and owners. 

I want to invite you into conversations and requests that are occurring more now than ever in my consulting and mentorship. Business leaders today are not only requesting advanced coaching for themselves but also consulting and training designed specifically for their teams and unique needs. These leaders tell me they are grounded in the fundamental knowledge required to run their organizations and teams. They have the schooling and business acumen in place, and they want more, much more for themselves. They want to build their presence, impact and influence skills and become more memorable in their work and reputation. From influencing conversations, inspiring people to action, speaking powerfully and understanding the real impact they are having on others requires deeper skill sets – the intent of the lessons within this book.

How to stand out in your market, walk in and control a room, make an impression, and present yourself with impact is ‘the’ most important business skill you can polish and improve. 

Whether you are leading or speaking, your presence and ability to own and understand your influence is critical today.

These are the development skills being requested the most by leaders and our clients and vital for business and financial success today. It is refreshing to see in my teaching at both the university and college level that these success skills are now front and centre in many curriculums. Students being exposed to academic learning will always remain important. But also providing them an edge and advantage in their career and leadership skills is just as important as they compete globally. This ‘edge’ carries well beyond the classroom into all aspects of business acumen.

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