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Verbal / non-verbal Cues

Impact is important in everything you do.  It’s not only what you say that leaves an impression, but ‘how’ you say it in power and non-verbal cues.  Knowing you are always on stage your posture reflects who you are being in every moment and interaction with others.  It really comes down to how memorable you want to be, the new standard for personal branding goals we hear in so many conversations today. 

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The Ability to Truly 'Read' Others

Every person communicates in patterns.  This is a concept taught to me a number of years ago, that I choose to apply in most conversations I am involved with.  The challenge is being able and disciplined to ‘turn off the noise’ and truly take a stand to listen without judgement, form nothing, that gives you the access to hear the patterns other people speak from.  Picture sitting with another person with only a pen and sheet of graph paper.  As they dialogue you are simply framing speaking themes as separate elements.  Upon completion, reflect on how the patterns created either work together or in conflict with one another.  The results can be quite revealing and open up for possibility brainstorming, especially if the other person is looking for innovation, new ideas and breakthroughs.  

When these patterns are coupled with body language, or non-verbal cues the person will ultimately reveal to you who they are being in the matter at hand.  Non-verbal gestures of comfort and discomfort, open and closed postures will correlate very closely with the patterns and intentions found within their language.  People will naturally reveal their true thoughts and feelings.  Of course your genuine and sincere positioning in this arena will be a critical part of advancing the relationship, getting clear with the individual and taking a a stand to help them with clearance and making new distinctions.  

In true business coaching acumen, this is what will separate a novice coach from a seasoned professional practitioner.  It is true you will not be able to read minds, but when you choose to listen and observe much more intensely than you normally do, your will in-turn hear and see new insights.  You will hear what you have never heard, and see what has always neem hidden in the background (often shouting out to be recognized). 

So much more is revealed in my upcoming new book, “Presence, Impact and Influence’, and I am honored to be able to share insights and tools from years of experience in this realm.  

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