The Attention Span Economy

Presence, Impact and Influence 

We are now full engulfed in a new 'Attention Span Economy'

It is not surprising that most interviews are decided in less than thirty seconds, where enthusiasm, confidence, rapport, and body language is observed and judged.  With graduates now competing with tens of thousands of other people competing for the same career opportunities, having an edge is not only important, but essential.

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There is a new and faster business reality all based on getting and keeping people's attention; and ultimately keeping it.

We are now fully integrated into the attention economy with shortened spans of focus and the need for instant gratification and decisions. Quick interpretations and judgements made in the interview process have spilled over to all aspects of the business environment. Today it is all about time, efficiency, speed and doing more with less resources available to us.

Firstly it is important to begin to identify how historical successes, habits and strategies may now be limited your growth and new breakthroughs as you address personal and professional re-invention and identify with the structural laws of influence and performance. What got you to this point may not be enough to compete moving forward, continuous learning us now the norm.

Whether you are managing, leading, influencing or building your career, there are powerful cues and patterns found in all conversations and interactions. The language and vocabulary you choose first and then observe with others will identify patterns and opportunities. All business is created through language and conversations, both verbal and non-verbal.  If you peel away every layer of the organization, what is left is communications.  Upwards to 85% of all communications in business is non-verbal body language.  Your first step in identifying these clues for an edge on your team is to re-establish your relationship to listening and being truly present in all dialogue patterns.

In the new speed of business there has never been more importance placed on personal brand and reputation. It is the goal in this book to provide ways for you to stand out in a crowded ‘me too’ marketplace.

  • What do you want to be known as in your market, with your team and with your customers or clients?
  • Does your reputation precede you the way you wish?
  • How memorable will you want to be?
  • Where will you need to consistently develop new, more rewarding habits in your life?

These are fair questions to ask.

It is possible to now know everything about you before even meeting. Your digital fingerprints are being watched and observed.  There is a new definition of leadership. ‘What people say about you when you are not in the room.’

Regardless of the situation you may find yourself in, your brand and reputation continued to evolve. Due to recent events and the new reality many of us face today, there will be no returning to normal. It is not what happens to us that matters, but how we react to it. Recent events have demanded the need for re-invention, pivoting and creative ways to continue to brand yourself; proof that change and innovation is a constant.




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