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Over the years we have seen the vital importance of working side by side with clients and developing relevant, inclusive and impactful projects from the ground up. We help you work on vision, strategy, values and direction first. We then invite your team into the process where they contribute and make strong commitments.

In short Neil is known for five things:

  1. He works with teams, to ensure they have the right people in the right roles.
  2. He works with companies to ensure they have a clear and committed corporate vision and strategy.
  3. He works with owners, managers and teams to better communicate with and service their markets and customers.
  4. He drives web presence and the new speed of marketing.
  5. And lastly he puts everything into action with dates, commitments, resources and accountability.

He turns employees into business thinkers and is directed to ask tough questions.

These owners do not want theories and books; they want him to get s@#! done and measure the results.

Neil Thornton - The Thornton Group - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is easy; it’s the strategic ‘doing’ that’s the hard part.  It’s all about the execution of clear goals, a powerful vision, an engaged and accountable team, but most importantly a sense of urgency to push change and innovation. Develop powerful and inspiring vision that can be measured and observed in action every day.

Neil Thornton - The Thornton Group - Sales Development


There is a new speed to sales and the rules have changed.  Traditional fundamentals are always important; and today there are more tools and way to connect with your market and customers.  You will need to stand out and work on your unique offer and brand.

Neil Thornton - The Thornton Group - Culture Building


Your culture is the foundation of all business success.  You can create an engaged and committed team that leads change and innovation through accountability and a foundation of trust and respect. Your vision is anchored in a strategic plan that is executed through a team with clear roles and commitments; the right people are in the right positions.

Neil Thornton - The Thornton Group - Marketing


Branding, reputation, service, messaging, on-line presence are all critical areas for your business to thrive.  You have an opportunity to position your team as experts with the right strategy and support.  You may have an amazing offer, but if no one knows about you, what’s the point?  We have proven and modern advice to share with you.

Neil Thornton - The Thornton Group - Recruiting


Utilize a proven 8 step process that includes behavioral interviewing, a robust profiling tool for best fit and a 3 month strategic plan to ensure success.

The Thornton Group Gets Results

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